Baizhang Waterfall



                As a mountain is famous for its peak, a river is renowned for its waterfall. Wencheng County in Zhejiang has more than a hundred waterfalls. The one that crowns the county and even China is Baizhang Waterfalls. It is one of the two core areas of Native Place of Liu Bowen Scenic Area as well as an important integral part of Baizhang Waterfall—Feiyun Lake National Scenic Area. The waterfall is famous for the three stepped cascades, namely the magnificent first cascade, the spectacular second cascade and the elegant third cascade. Liu Bowen, one of the founders of Ming Dynasty, ever wrote a poem about admiring waterfall, which reads “The water falls from the appalling cliff, like hundred bins of pearls flung into the sky; it never stops flying snowflakes in hot summer nor stops thundering in cold winter.” In 2013, it was certified as “the waterfall with highest single-fall drop in China” by Guinness Headquarter at Shanghai Grand World and was selected as one of “China’s Top 10 Famous Waterfalls”. 

                Baizhang Waterfall, with three cascades, is a “V-shaped” giant river flowing through deep gulches with total length of 1200m and total drop of 353m. The first cascade is thousand feet in height. It hangs upon the cliff like a white belt and plunges into the thousand-foot valley. The splashing jade drops, with thunderous sound and widespread mist compose a majestic and marvelous spectacle. The second cascade is thousand feet in height. An ancient path is hidden behind the waterfall among the cliffs, making a natural cave with water curtain. Tourists walking through the path feel as if they are in an amazing wonderland with changing rainbow hanging in the mist. The third cascade is thousand feet in width, with extensive rock patch, and gentle and crystal water that travels through the beautiful valley like a white fabric band. The valley is charming with lush vegetation, great number of grotesque stones, and echo of chirping in serene valley. Along the river, you may find such cultural sites as Site of Taoism Cottage of Lv Dongbin, Alchemy Platform of Immortal Tao, Platform Where Liu Bowen Admired the Waterfall, Cliff Where Luo Ying Admire the Waterfall.